Alchemist Pride

Alchemists are special people who can bend the fabrics of space by manipulating the very core of objects. However...To gain, one must lose.. this process is called equivelant exchange. One must sacrifice something of equal value.. to gain what you need.
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 Homunculi Information

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Homunculi Race Information

Homunculi are failed attempts to resurrect a person from death without the appropriate sacrifice. Homunculi are malevolent beings who follow the Seven Sins. Their goal in life is to become "complete", in which they assume that this can be completed via obtaining the "true" Philosopher's Stone. They believe that this mythical stone can be fused into some type of elixir to turn them into full human beings. Whether they are right are wrong on this matter....Well...They have yet to see anything that states otherwise. Homunculi can be identified by the mark of Ouroborous, the tail-eating snake, imprinted somewhere on their body.

These Homunculi have physical compositions similar to those of humans but consider themselves superior due to their heightened strengths and abilities. They boast human intelligence and emotions, taking pride in their existence as higher beings, but feeling humility and gratitude toward Father for having given them life. As a result, these Homunculi are largely devoted to the completion of their Father's grand plan (with the exception of Greed, as he defects twice). Each of the seven Homunculi has a "fake" Philosopher's Stone as its core, fueling its life, regenerative ability and other abilities with a multitude of souls. Each Homunculus can be damaged to the point of death, even to the point of having his or her entire body disintegrated, but can only truly be killed when the Philosopher's Stone heart is either destroyed or runs out of lives to use as power. Envy and Pride have proven capable of absorbing the lives from other Homunculi into themselves to lengthen their lifespans, but it is unknown whether or not this is a trait shared between all seven.

Homunculi Biology
۞ Incredibly longevity
۞ Superhuman strength
۞ Superhuman speed
۞ Regeneration
۞ Ability to suck out a being's soul through kissing them

The Seven Sins
The Seven Sins are groups that Homunculi divide up into based on their way of "birth" or creation. Each group has a certain perk that is unique to them and them only.
The Homunculi who were bought back for selfish means. Unholy thoughts, sexual desires, and primitive needs bought Alchemists to attempt ressurecting these who were once humans. They feed off of the cravings of humans and it proves to strengthen even more. They make sure to always kill their victims in passionate, fiery ways. The perk gained by Lust Homunculi is as follows: You are capable of stretching out your body to amazing degrees, up to ten meters away from your standing position even. Your body is almost rubber, or elastic, and is resistant to fire while stretched.
The Harlot Mothers (4 Elite)
The Death Kissers (6 Veterans)
The Seductresses (10 Fledglings)
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Homunculi Information
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