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Alchemists are special people who can bend the fabrics of space by manipulating the very core of objects. However...To gain, one must lose.. this process is called equivelant exchange. One must sacrifice something of equal value.. to gain what you need.
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 Ranks, Skills, and Levels

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PostSubject: Ranks, Skills, and Levels   Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:41 am

Each "Race" has three ranks. These Ranks are predetermined when one first joins based on the quality of their application and how many times an admin had to tell them to correct something. These Ranks correspond with Alchemy ability. The Ranks are as follows:


From highest to lowest, these Ranks represent your character's skill and ability to perform Alchemical actions. Each Rank has a certain amount of "levels" you can allocate for your Alchemy skill. The levels themselves are self-explanatory and are as follows:


Now we go into depth on these levels and how they effect your Alchemy.


Transmutation is the ability to take an object and transform it into a different one. Common examples are turning any type of metal into silver or gold. The act of "purifying" an object, one would say. Depending on the level one has in this area, they will be able to turn walls into ash, ground into water, nothing is impossible for them.

Not having any type of level in this skill means that your ability to Transmute is severely limited to the point that you cannot even create gold -- the simplest of Alchemical feats revolving around this area. All of these levels except for Advanced require a tribute of some sort.

Congratulations. You figured out how to actually do basic things. Now, your ability to Transmute things is what it should be. You can Transmute things as large as a desk, but no more. You do not gain anything special from this. What, you expected to get a cookie just for being able to do the basic stuff?

Dude, you've actually been practicing? Well now...You have advanced your ability to Transmute things to the point that you can now perform Transmutation without any type of circle. Simply by clapping your hands and calling out what you wish to make, you can Transmute an object into your desired one. You may now Transmute objects as big as walls. Along with this, you gain one free Technique to add to your retinue. Enjoy, kiddies~.

Holy mother of- You've made your teachers proud. Your ability is so good now that just by snapping your fingers, and focusing on an object, you can Transmute it. You no longer require physical contact with your catalyst! This can be performed from two meters away, and the sacrifice needed is drastically smaller than the lower ones, and this only counts towards more advanced Transmutings. Lower ones no longer require sacrifices. Be proud, young alchemist. Be proud.
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Ranks, Skills, and Levels
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